Election Result – 2016 – Sigh

15032328_10157700453410721_4410862856563836396_nWhy the Bobby Kennedy poster? Sigh. Well. Just because. It’s where my mind is this morning. I attach an article from the London ‘Daily Telegraph’ (oops, and a couple more) explaining what happened to HRC’s vote. But that is more an aide-memoire for me than anything else. Wonk, to the end:

[http://bit.ly/2fCvBrz] [http://wapo.st/2fypHVR] [http://cnn.it/2fDJD8v] [http://cnn.it/2fDtSAh]

I guess for me the most surreal moments of last evening involved CNN and John King. It was pushing 2.00am. Wolf kept going over to John, hoping he could find more Democratic votes in Pennsylvania.

John’s face was a picture of abject woe, as he scanned through the counties, muttering about a few here, maybe a handful there, we’ll keep looking.

No-one at CNN wanted to call Pennsylvania. They knew that, if they did, they’d have to make a full Presidential Projection. They knew that. And they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

Everyone scurried around. No call. Newspapers and media outlets in the UK had already called the whole Election. But at CNN. Nada.

I had this image in my mind of a CNN producer, walking abandoned hallways of CNN Central, desperately trying to find a janitor, a telephone operator, anyone else to announce Trump’s victory.

It wasn’t until Trump was striding onto the stage, to announce that HRC had conceded, that we heard Wolf in the background, over the music, declaring that CNN were calling it.

Not funny. Not sad. Not undignified. Just. Really. I dunno. An encapsulation of the surreality of this entire 2016 Presidential Election.

I am using the companion post on Facebook as a repository for all sorts of other articles about the 2016, why it went the way it did, where to now. That post can be found here.


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