Trump Character


Never fear. We are going to get to ‘Democratic Populism,’ eventually! But, I’m just prefacing that with some of the posts from my Facebook election coverage (not a fake story in sight!). Since I feel they add flavor to the direction i’m taking. Heck. To the direction the US is likely to be taking in the next four years! And so …

‘Bloody hell. But another fascinating moment for me. Literally, as alerts about this [groping] are popping up on my e-mail, I’m reading the following in a book on Trump. Words written in 1992, about events in 1977, which apparently still pertain today:

“As intrigued as Donald was by Ivana’s distinctive style, his attraction to her had the familiar trophy quality to it that Michael Bailkin recalled from their earlier conversation about women. This didn’t surprise Bailkin who believed Donald could not talk about anything with genuine emotional depth … “

“Donald’s emotional range did not extend beyond a sensitivity to slights and profane outrage if he thought someone had tried to sucker him. Otherwise, Bailkin had concluded, Donald just coasted on a detached, emotionless plane, energized by his own compulsive ambition and oblivious to anyone else’s feelings … ”

“Bailkin said to him: “You’re a very shallow person.”

“Of course,” Donald replied, interrupting Bailkin in midsentence. “That’s one of my strengths. I never pretend to be anything else.” ‘


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