Associated Blogs for Democratic Populism


Eventually, I will post a whole bunch of links, which will add extra input to my thoughts on a new Democratic Populism. But I want to mention a few of my other blogs right now. Along with brief sense of how they might contribute.

First up is a blog I’ve been writing for a few years now. Primarily focused on the UK. But with some interesting associated thoughts: the real story. Some useful notes about how the pollsters and pundits got the British General Election of 2015 wrong. And, er, how I called it correctly. Nice comparison with US 2016.

Next up, my companion US blog: Tickertape Talk. Of especial note, the suggestions I had for the Obama campaign of 2008 and his first administration.

The campaign blog for FOCUS on Poverty: my proposition that calls for all men, women and children in the United States to have access to adequate food, clothing, housing and healthcare.

The blog I wrote chronicling my ten year battle for workers’ rights in the largest grocery co-op in the south-eastern United States: Weaver Street Geoff.

The web-site supporting my campaign to allow US communities to design the policing approach, rules of engagement and all matters of policy undertaken by law enforcement in their locale: Citizen Design of Policing.

And finally, two blogs which may not seem to be connected to the subject of this blog. But. You never know. My blog about bi-polar disorder: Poles Apart. And a semi-serious, semi-humorous blog about the disastrous Presidential Campaign of John Edwards in 2008. During the course of which, I was one of the first to notice that there were some serious conflicts between John’s message and his actions: Watch on the Ninth.






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