Democrats, Getting It Wrong, Then, Now …


Blimey. Interesting day of debate on my Facebook Page. Arising out of the use of the Trump ‘p’ word. Ending with a good friend asking (not the first time my FB Friends have asked): ok, what would you have the Democrats do; how would you see them present themselves differently?

I direct her to this blog. But, I can’t help feeling a burning yet unasked question. As in, yeah, but how can you be so confident about your prescription? ‘Confident’ is my nice interpretation of the sense I have of the unasked question.

As luck would have it. The universe kindly steps in. And brings to my attention a note I wrote on Facebook the evening Michelle Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention – July 25, 2016.

I post the wording of that commentary below, and link to the note itself here, not least so that you can peruse the some 189 comments excoriating me for my negativity.

Interesting thing, though. What I said that evening about what the Democrats were doing wrong, had been doing wrong, where they were doing it wrong, how they were doing it wrong, and what the consequences might be, all proved to be quite prescient.

All I can say is that what I am prescribing now flows from what I said then, and what I’d been saying in the liberal bastion of Chapel Hill, NC for at least the ten previous years. Just to make myself sound even more insufferable than sometimes I think I am.

Anyways, here is that Convention commentary:

I am truly finding this Democratic Convention as painful to watch as I thought I would. Speaker after speaker, none of whom (not this evening, certainly – Michelle Obama, Joe Kennedy III, Elizabeth Warren), not one of whom has had to struggle a day in their lives, telling folks on reduced wages in Detroit, with no job in Ohio, with their company outsourced from Pennsylvania, telling them what is best for them.

If we Democrats are truly trying to keep these voters out of the clutches of Donald Trump, then we need to stop telling them that this election is about their grandchildren, or our standing in the world, or how this person is a fighter, and that person doesn’t quit. Doesn’t quit what? Washington?

The reason Trump is gaining traction. The reason his so-called shambles of a Republican Convention has given him as much as a ten point bounce in the polls. Is because he keeps telling the have-nots that this election is about them getting something right now.

Not the next generation. Not somebody else. No matter how deserving their cause. Not another country. Not migrants. Not refugees. Whether it is right to be magnanimous, or not. And of course it is right, no question.

No. The person walking into the polling booth. That person hears Trump telling him that he (Trump) will physically take from others if that’s what’s needed to give to him (the voter), right now.

It’s not attractive. It’s not nice. It’s not generous or warm-spirited. It does not represent what is best about America. It does not ask us to lean on our better instincts. It is almost certainly not doable. And is just as unlikely ever to be done if Trump gets elected.

But that’s not the point. Like it or not, it is a more effective line than hearing one professional Washington carpetbagger after another preaching at length, and at ordinary people, while offering them nothing.

We Democrats are losing this Presidential Election with each passing day.


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