Trump Dependent On Corbyn?


Why should anyone in the US care that the British Labour Party is in such a mess? By the numbers.

The British Labour Party is the chief opposition party in Parliament. In the UK, the executive government (of British Conservative Party Prime Minister, Theresa May – you know the lady who just droole … I’m sorry, visited with Trump) is not separate to its legislative branch. Its sits in and draws its members from Parliament.

Next week, Parliament is going to start debating May’s moves to implement Brexit – British withdrawal from the European Union. Controversial British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn (whom some equate to Bernie Sanders), has instructed his Labour MP’s to support Brexit in Parliament. Rather than fighting to stay in the European Union.

If Brexit is implemented, the first thing May will be looking for is a strong bilateral trade deal with the US. Which Trump wants also. Hence the visit to Washington this past week.

The success of Trump’s rejection of multilateralism, and his embrace of America First, along with the success of May’s implementation of Brexit, and her ability to negotiate meaningful bilateral trade deals with the rest of the world, will all pretty much come down to a powerful bilateral deal between the UK and the US.

And that all hinges on British Labour supporting Theresa May’s implementation of Brexit. Which depends on Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn. And he appears to be singularly incapable of getting a divided party to think with one mind. Which is all explained in the attached article. Which comes down to one paragraph:

“In the Brexit referendum last year, an estimated 65% of Labour voters backed remaining in the European Union, but roughly two-thirds of the constituencies with Labour MPs in place voted, overall, to leave. One of the biggest votes for Brexit came in Stoke [where a Parliamentary by-election is shortly to be held], where 69.4% of people voted for Brexit.”

Aren’t you glad you know now?


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