Defeating Trump Will Take Work, Not ‘Likes’


I come across an interesting article in The [London] Guardian newspaper. Wondering whether the Trump paradox is more akin to George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. A couple of quotes from the article:

“But how engaged can any populace be when the most we’re asked to do is to like or not like a particular post, or “sign” an online petition?”

“Who can be appalled when the coin of the realm in public discourse is not experience, thoughtfulness or diplomacy but the ability to amuse – no matter how maddening or revolting the amusement?”

The primary thrust of this article is that we have wrapped ourselves in a cocoon of virtual gratification, consumption and action.

We can do little about the structure. But we can at least use the structure to discover for ourselves, rather than being spoon-fed.

And we can then engage in effective advocacy, rather than convincing ourselves that ‘shopping mall’ protest achieves anything.

I have spent hours and hours and hours of my life triple checking facts. Rigidly determining what I want to achieve. And then painstakingly effecting implementation, one achingly ponderous step at a time.

Change is hard work. It is not a left click. A text message. A walk and a picnic with a sign. Or a photo op.

For sure, these are a start. They help. Especially on busy mornings. But do not pretend that this will be enough to defeat Trump. We will all need to lose many weekends as well. Getting down to the truly effective nitty-gritty.


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