Obama Legacy -v- Dean 50-State Strategy


Blimey. Lots of sentiments in response to this article. Let’s start by being provocative. Obama was the Democrat’s Trump. Just more articulate.

President Obama is my very favorite President. I sincerely believe he inherited an unmanageable situation, nationally and internationally, and managed it. Probably little more than this. But history will demonstrate that this achievement alone was huge.

Everyone knew that OFA, in all of its incarnations, was always and continues to be a private vehicle for Obama (likely, both of them).

In 2008, Obama was the consummate outsider Presidential candidate. That’s why I say he was the Democrat’s Trump. He was facing in the Democratic Primaries two of the most formidable Democratic Candidates of modern times – Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Obama needed traction. Fast. And so, he established OFA. Aggressively. Or rather, Plouffe, Axelrod, Messina, Hughes and others did.

The purpose of OFA was to create a national organization that placed Obama first, second and last in all Democratic organizing activity. Before his election. During his administration. And now. Again, in respect of the latter, probably in a build-up to a Michelle candidacy for something.

I am hearing increasingly that this objective proved almost always to be at the expense of the Howard Dean-inspired 50-state gameplan. Which sentiment this article seems to reflect.

All I can say, in response to that, is what I keep on saying. Focus. We need to determine what will best defeat Trump. Join forces in this regard. And stop doing what Democrats do really best, which is to rip each other new ones. Rather than ripping Trump just one big one.


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