Are Democrats Losing The Fight Against Trump?


I will say it again. Unless our marches, our protests, our petitions and our advocacy are changing the minds of the folks written about in this article, then we Democrats are wasting our time.

We live in an age of new political imperatives, new trends, new demands and new conventional wisdoms.

Any of us who wishes to see more Democrats elected, and Trump denied a second term, needs to employ new policies, new candidates and new metrics to make these goals a reality.

For those of you interested, my bottom line in this latter regard can be found here. For further thoughts about how Democrats can start winning again, read the rest of my blog.

Why do I keep going on and on about this? Because I still see too many smug Democrats convinced that, actually, nothing needs changing.

We lost the last Presidential election on a fluke. Turnout will now increase. Good folk will see Trump is an idiot. And all will be well.

All the while ignoring the fact that every mis-step Trump makes in fact energizes his base. A base which will still be large enough to coat-tail in 2018, and win again in 2020.

A base which is energized because almost every single occurrence which we Democrats perceive as a Trump mis-step is almost certainly confirmation for that base that Trump is doing the right thing, upsetting the right people, and is ‘failing’ only because they, the base, are not supporting him enough.

You think I’m making this up? Trump’s approval rating among the general population is the lowest on record for any President after just one month in office.

Yet. His approval rating among Republicans is the highest on record for any Republican President after just one month. Higher than Reagan’s. Higher than both Bush’s.

Notwithstanding all the hiccups that make Democrats crow at the moon. Trump’s base is more solid and secure than it was before the Presidential election.

People. So long as we Democrats continue to measure Trump and his supporters using the same yardstick we have done for Republicans in the past, we will continue to remain under siege in our ivory tower. Trust me.

[Facebook post and further thoughts, comments here.]


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