Fickle Polls (again) …


Here we go again. One of the primary matters about which I complained during the US Presidential campaign was the bias of the media. And again, when I pointed it out, I was excoriated.

I have no problem with the contents of this article. I assume the figures it presents are accurate. The problem I have is with the bias of the headline.

This. Is. Not. A. Brutal. Poll.

Taking all of the different figures, and averaging them out. We have Trump’s current general approval rating running at about 40%.

I think we can all agree that, by all the measures of conventional political wisdom, Trump’s Presidency so far has been a performance disaster.

An Election Address from hell. Cabinet nominees withdrawing. The rest a litany of ignorance and ethic’s woes. Reports of chaos left, right and center. Foreign leaders insulted. Trump’s first major piece of legislation dead in the water. Not to mention the daily salacious gossip painting Trump as a willing tool of the Russkies.

I think it fair to say that that there has never, ever been a US Presidency that has got off to such a bad start. A well-known columnist the other day stated, baldy, that, by his count, Trump could claim only two days of his Presidency as victories.

I checked with The American Presidency Project. Most Presidents, going back to Eisenhower, had approval ratings after 100 days in the sixties. Mind you, Bush Senior was at 56%, and the Sainted Bill Clinton was at 55%:

I do not recall anyone describing any of these Presidencies in the same terms as Trump’s.

And that is the point. After just, what, 60-some days? With only one attempt at legislation. Which will return. That ain’t dead yet. Trump. Whose Presidency is being described in terms usually reserved for the Titanic and the Cleveland Browns. This man Trump is scoring an average approval rating of 40%. A figure which, by common consent, is rising. With a Gorsuch approval almost a dead cert by this weekend. And bearing in mind his speech to Congress got a 70+% approval (that’s how fickle polls are).

What idiot, in what editorial office, is choosing to describe such a situation as ‘brutal’? Not for Trump it isn’t. For us, yes. It’s scary. Terrifying. Mind-boggling. How on earth could as many as 40% of the electorate still have any kind of faith in Trump as a President? Yet. They do.

So. Could we please not fall into the same trap that we did in the election? Of course we hate Trump. But we will not bring him down with fake headlines. All that does, as it did during the election, is create a false sense of security. So many, many reasons to sigh …


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