The Anti-Trump Movement in NC


First. Yay. HB2 is being repealed. Yay.

Secondly. This is the danger. Democrats thinking this has anything to do with them.

It is happening because a swath of voters and their Republican representatives finally realized HB2 was hurting their economy and their sport.

Think I’m wrong? Name for me one other major ‘victory’ by Democratic protesters since Republicans took over NC state legislatures in 2011 and the Governorship in 2012.

Democratic protest against the Republican takeover of North Carolina politics did not begin in this past year, as this article would have us believe.

It began with the ridiculous Moral Monday arrest protests in 2011. Which had absolutely no discernible impact upon passage of legislation by Republicans. Or, indeed, on any consequential state election results.

Why? Because, certainly in North Carolina, ordinary working people were thoroughly sick and tired of the corruption of Democratic Governors and state legislatures, and remained unimpressed by the ‘accomplishments’ of the latter on behalf of working folk.

I say ‘certainly in North Carolina,’ because I’m pretty sure this disgust with Democrats who have forgotten who should be their core voting base can be found all across the United States.

Now. A Democratic Governor was elected, by a very small margin, in North Carolina in 2016. But this election went against all the other political trends in North Carolina at that time. And I would posit can be placed firmly at the door of HB2.

This Democratic Governor made it one of his first tasks to repeal HB2. But it is only now happening because certain Republican legislators are signing off on it.

Again. Repeal of HB2 has nothing to do with the protesting prowess of the NC Democratic Party. And everything to do with economic backlash.

Democrats have a long way to go before they manage to convince those who should be their core working base that the Democratic Party once more represents them on an ongoing and meaningful basis.

By all means claim credit for anything you like. But always be aware of reality …


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