‘Demoralizing’ Trump Supporters


I find another glorious post on CNN, informing us that Democrats have found yet another way to ‘win back’ swing Trump voters – without actually doing anything, or changing anything, They’re going to ‘demoralize’ the Trump mob.

Sigh. Yet again.

My message to my fellow Democrats is: be very, very careful about being too cute. And make sure you are appealing to their agenda, not just pushing your own.

I have spent not a little time talking about how I think Democrats can best counter the rather unique and certainly toxic Trump brand.

The truly important things to understand about the seeming solidity of his core base is that: (1) Trump’s core supporters don’t really care so much about specific policies as they do about Trump appearing to stick it to the Washington snobs – of all parties; and (2) Trump’s voters view even his ‘defeats’ as victories, if they can be blamed on Washington and the media.

So. Having anything, seen by his core base as being connected to said Washington snobs, their money and the media, launch a campaign suggesting that their hero has let them down, without offering an alternative, could backfire.

Let me expand, if I really need to. In my attached link (above), I set out why and how I believe Trump’s core base continues to support him. What metrics I think Democrats should be offering to lower the opinion of his core base about him.

But it is predicated on having that message advanced in the right way, by the right folks. And it is also predicated on Democrats truly understanding what is driving Trump’s core base. And fashioning new policies to address those concerns, in a less ugly manner.

If it is a Washington Wingtip attempting to demoralize a Trump voter, that voter will take note. And it will likely backfire.

If the demoralizing message is the wrong one. For example, one simply saying, hey, we Democrats (you know, the guys who failed you for thirty years), we’re better. Then, it will backfire.

If the demoralizing campaign is not accompanied by policies that seek to address the furious concerns of Trump’s agitated core base. Again, the attempt will backfire.

If Democrats launch a campaign, the sole purpose of which is to highlight the fact that Trump is not delivering, according to their chosen metrics, what your average Trump supporter will see is those people they believe are responsible, crowing at their success, at the expense of said Trump voters.

Which again, I say could well be a recipe for disaster. So. Be very, very careful.

Now. All of that said. I do at least applaud the fact that the effort described in this article does, finally, seem to be recognizing the need for Democrats to be appealing to at least some Trump supporters, in order to have a chance of winning important elections. Let’s just please be sure we are doing it the right way …

[And yes. I’ve been naughty. I’ve attached a pic of the very first ‘demoralized’ Trump supporter … ]


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