Polarized America


I believe the brightly-colored map (above) attached to this fascinating post on CNN about Polarized America shows that following:

1) Both major US political parties gerrymander, and they both need to stop.

2) Gerrymandering by both political parties is one of the primary reasons the US is so polarized politically. Blame your own political party. Stop blaming every other excuse under the sun. And please don’t waste time presenting ‘evidence’ that suggests that your party ain’t as bad as the other. WTF does that achieve?

3) This seemingly intractable polarization is why so many people have so little understanding of overall political trends in the US. It is why (as the article points out) so few folks saw Trump coming. But, get this. It is also why so many people are still getting it wrong.

Cf. All my progressive friends, who look around at their equally angry progressive neighbors, and say, hey, we’re gonna win this all back. Without bothering to look across the Congressional boundary, into the Republican Congressional district next door, and notice that Trump’s core base is growing and is more energized than ever.

4) It is why next to no-one believes anything I say.

5) The responsibility lies with each of us to break the mold, reach out, and start talking with people who are not of our political color. Even if it is only on Facebook. That’s why so many of you are so annoyed by so many of the commentators on my Facebook Page. I reach out, and Friend all types.


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