When is Feminism not Feminism?


I Google. I get this. “fem-i-nism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

So. My question. And it really is not a complete troll. I think this is precisely the sort of issue liberals, libertarians, conservatives, anarchists, whatever need openly to be addressing at what I regard as a moment of turmoil in political definition.

I’m browsing through the news this evening. And these are the four women engaging in matters political who leap from the computer screen: Kendall Jenner, Ivanka Trump, Theresa May (Prime Minister of Great Britain), and Kellyanne Conway.

Not one of them espouses inequality of the sexes. And every single one of them regards themselves as advancing women’s rights.

And yet I’m sure that if a white, British, 60-year old male were to wonder aloud why they cannot be considered feminists, there would be a bunch of folks screaming.

Why? Who gets to define ‘feminist’? Who gets to define ‘women’s rights’? And why?

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