Trump’s First 100 Days – My Report Card


Simple. 96% of those who voted for Trump say they would still vote for him. You can take all that he has done, not done, screwed up, abandoned, changed his mind about, let slip. You can take all that ‘The Resistance’ has done. And whatever you say. It comes back to that one stat. 96% of those who voted for Trump would vote for him again.

What does that mean for ‘The Resistance’? Answer: there is a lot of work yet to do. Are we doing the right work? If you think, in all of the circumstances, and assuming ‘The Resistance’ can claim every last one of those four percentage points, if you think that 4% is doing enough, after this singular 100 days, then, I guess, ‘The Resistance’ is on the right track. If not. We have problems.

The first problem is that, either Trump, or the people around him, are learning. There will be continuing horror stories for anyone describing themselves as progressive. But those horror stories are likely to become cloaked in better PR, spin and rollout. So, it’s not going to become any easier for ‘The Resistance.’

The second problem concerns what else you think needs to be done, if you take the view that more needs to be done. Is it a tweak? Or is it wholesale review and overhaul? Well. That comes back to one’s view of that 4%.

For myself, I still think that too many Democrats, whether centrist or democratic socialist, are peddling goods working Americans do not want to buy. And I remain convinced that, if we want to make major inroads on Trump’s support, then we need to win back the many working Americans Democrats have lost in the past 30 years.

I’m not going to go on at length in this post this evening. I don’t think I need to to. I think, however you shake it, it’s always going to come back to that 96%. In any event, I go on at length on my blog.

But I want to address one matter I believe needs to be at the core of any serious campaign by Democrats to win back working Americans. The Democrats’ economic policy. it’s still about the economy, stupid. And I think Democrats are still getting it wrong.

Working Americans have seen forms of democratic socialism in the past 40 years in the US. And they rejected them. I don’t see them changing their minds.

Ordinary working Americans are, in my opinion, at this moment, and especially following the Presidential election of 2016, and the last 100 days, they are also turning their backs on the notion of the free market, as we have seen it exercised in the US and around the world these past 30 years.

I don’t think we Democrats are going to be able successfully to sell to working Americans any economic package which includes at its heart the concept of the free movement of labor, capital and goods. Not for the next generation at least.

Now, of course, others will go on at length about other matters. But, for myself, I think these are the most important lessons Democrats should be learning from Trump’s first 100 days.

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