My name is Geoff Gilson. I have followed a somewhat tortuous path through my involvement in politics. Began that involvement with a non-partisan interest in the civic affairs of my small hometown in England at the age of sixteen. Gravitated to an early infatuation with the British Conservative Party and Margaret Thatcher in the Eighties. Then moved to the US, where my politics also moved. Gently leftwards. Until I now describe myself as a social market Democrat.

Along the way, I was heavily engaged in political public relations. Served at the national level of the British Conservative Party. Spoke at two national conventions. Helped to write speeches for Thatcher and Michael Dukakis. Was elected as one of the youngest-ever municipal councilors in the UK. Espouse an avid interest in mutualism, as the answer to many of our economic and social problems. And advocated in respect of worker’s rights for eleven years within one of the largest grocery co-operatives in the US.

Currently, I am attempting to make a career out of writing, advocacy, and becoming the oldest commercial exponent of glitter pop. My ambition in the latter regard is to become the oldest-ever recipient of the New Artist Grammy. In case you’re interested, try Googling ‘Pop Voxx.’ You’ll find me. My writing and my advocacy at the moment include this blog, and another advancing the notion that citizens should design the rules of engagement of law enforcement within their communities.

I have had published a book called ‘Maggie’s Hammer,’ which chronicles my adventures trying to discover the reasons behind a close friend’s mysterious death in 1988. Apparently, he was part of a small team around Thatcher engaged on her behalf in illegal arms sales. Who knew he was a senior officer in British Intelligence?

And that’s about it. The story continues …